I keep few or no rods in stock as all my rods are tailor-made and delivered the minute they are finished. 


I can however make rods to suit your tastes and your fishing techniques. I must however stress that most of my rods are short dry fly rods and depending on your skills they can be used for light nymphing or wet fly fishing. 


Over the years I have developed my own tapers according to my tastes and according to my customers' requirements. My favourite models are in the range 7' 2" to 7' 9". These can be made in two or three pieces and an extra tip can be requested. If however you have an existing Mb Rod and you need an extra tip, I will need to have the rod back so that I can try to match the wrapping and also dress the ferrules to suit that rod. It must be said that since the onset of modern rodmaking not much has been invented in the way of tapers, so if you compare my tapers to other of the various rodmaking design sites, you will probably find other rods that are almost identical, but I like to think that the tapers I use are mine!! I must say that the first rod I made, is a 7' Sir D and I think this gave me the imprinting to continue on this style of tapers and actions.


The models I can make are:

Hex rods from  6' 6" to 7' 6" in one piece or two pieces; from 7'2" to 8' in two or three piece. The extra tip is available only on the two and three piece rods.  The rod can be made a nice rich amber blonde, tortoise shell flaming, dark flaming or in whatever configuration you like. The hardware is the best I can find on the market  - usually Bellinger, Rec, Snake Brand, ferrules from Bailey Woods and Bellinger. I can manufacture these rods with the traditional Italian integrated bamboo ferrule by Gori Poratelli. All my rods are hollow built for lightness. Some of my fastest rods have a nice swelled butt. 

I also make a very strong 7' 9" that casts a 5 weight line which can be manufactured with a removable fighting butt.



I have a vast selection of silk wrapping threads of various brands and I am available to do transparent wrappings.




The rods come with a cotton canvas rod bag and either a stretch denim wrapped tube or a wooden hexagonal rod tube. The final price will change accordingly.


I will soon be able to offer quads, pentas with a fluted hollowing thanks to my new Morgan Hand Mill.


Rod with bag and tube





The IRP - IBRA Pragliola Rod


IRP 5 


The Photo above is the rod developed and designed in conjunction IBRA and Roberto Pragliola, the Italian fly fishing guru and inventor of the TLT casting style.


The rod is quite particular:


Length: 7'2" in two pieces with an extra tip.

Poratelli Style bamboo ferrule

Hollowed (fluted or scalloped

Tortoise shell flamed.

Light fast action, 3 weight - ideal for dry flyfishing.


The rod can be made only by IBRA members and in order to be considered original it need to be certified by the IBRA board.


The one above is the n. 5 of the series and it was made by me and certified. It is also the first ever commercial IRP rod manufactured and sold. The first 4 which were certified were for demo purposes only.


For information and orders for this wonderful limited edition, please contact me.


New for 2017/2018


The Hybrid rod - Presented for the first time in Switzerland in Sarnen in 2015 and it has been copied various times. This interesting rod answers to those who like dry flyfishing and if necessary will switch to nymph fishing without changing rods and without the need to carry two rods or having to trek back to the car for a nymphing rod. 


Essentially a dry fly rod in 7 foot and five inches, you can easily switch to the nymph by adding an extra piece to the rod to make it a 9 foot rod. In the dry fly configuration, it casts a three or a four weight line. In the nymphing configuration, it will cast a 5 weight. Just carry the extra piece in your vest and add it when you need to change to the nymph.


Photos to follow.