Salon de la Peche-Paris


The Fishing Show in Morigny-Champigny - Paris

Morigny Champigny


The Fishing Show in Morigny-Champigny has taken of the Salon whcih took place in Paris. It is organised by Pierre Barberot and his Club. It started small and is slowly growing every year. There are many exhibitors from the whole of Europe and attracts many Parisian visitors. There are some excellent flytiers on the podium with some very interesting creations.


Here are some photos of the show.

MDG stand

The impressive rack on Le Moulin de Gémages stand with some Mbrods.



Igor Stancev

Igor Stancev from Macedonia


Nadica Stancev one of the most talented tyers in the world








MP vise

My fantastic flytying vise courtesy of Marc Petitjean

one of the best vises in the world



 With my good friend Marc Petitjean



 The impressive casting pool


The tyers